Friday, April 30, 2010

Corina Tettingers Magic Wand

I have just received my Magic Wand from Cornina. It is an amazing tool, strong and beautifully made. 
I have been doing lamp-working for so long and until now have used a butter knife which worked wonders apart from the fact that it was not brass. I like using brass to aid in "popping" the colours of the glass whilst working in the flame and found that if only my "butter knife" was brass, I would be able to do this without having to put the knife down and  pick up my mini brass plate to achieve the results and then pick up my "knife" again to continue.. so alas my Magic Wand has arrived now I have the multipurpose tool i have always wanted and honestly just never got round to buying.

If you would like to purchase Corina Tettinger's Magic Wand tool 

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