Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lampwork Glass Heart


I made this gorgeous large heart glass bead(37mm x 30mm x 8mm ) by shaping it by eye and hand whilst working with the glass in molten state. I kiln annealed it overnight.

I called this piece Irruzione Inglese Heart
which means Eruption of Love

I love the picture inside the glass, the back shows a mountain peak, with a flowing path of liquid molten which is all captured within the clear glass encasing of the bead. It is breathtaking! The heart is muted in colour which lends itself to be worn with so many gorgeous outfits.
The wire work encapsulating the unique picture heart is artful, eye catching and streamline. The Swarovski Crystal in the stem of this pendant is a large 8mm Golden shadow Helix Swarovksi which to me symbolizes the "soulful light catcher" which in turn reflects onto the heart. I put a silvered heart signature in glass, on the back which is what I will be doing with all my glass hearts from now on. The necklace and accents are bohemian and just compliment the over all look of this gorgeous pendant.

The necklace currently measures 70cm and the pendant measures 7cm.
I think this necklace looks fabulous when worn at this length and in all honestly looks dashing when worn at a much much shorter length as a neck accent too. I will leave this up to you. Let me know which length you prefer. I will happily adjust it either way free of charge.

My heart pendants as with my crosses are a trademark to Lorraine Dowdle Creations© and exclusively my design that drew attention for the first time in LA just over 6.5 years ago.

Each and every one is utterly unique and so different from anything else I have ever seen at the time. I still teach my design and technique in my studio classes and just love seeing how the ladies/gents bring their pendants to life with a touch of themselves in it.

A few from the collection over the years. 

Lorraine Dowdle "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions" Albert Einstein.