Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wearable Art : Desirable and exclusive

Artisan Lampwork beads, wire creations, workshops :  private tuition beading classes..  
Exhilarating !!!
Close your eyes and imagine a village where the only monetary system is bartering goods and services with each other. Now ask yourself.. what can I see myself doing,  day in and day out that will complete my soul and bring joy to those around me?

This is it for me. :)

Create:  Live in the moment!  Create: Spend your quite time doing something you are passionate about and truly Love! Create to infinity and feel complete! 

I had an interview with Tara Ganesh, and thought to share this as my first blog post to give you an idea of who I am and what I do.

1.Tell us a bit about yourself and your work.
I live in the land of The Long White Cloud : Aotearoa: the indigenous Māori name for New Zealand. I am based in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. I am married to the world’s greatest guy, and have been blessed with 2 beautiful children.
I am a creative soul who is intrigued by life and sees beauty in so many things around me. My jewellery creations are one of the many creative things I do and share.

2.How did you get started as a jewelry designer?
I’ve always found it difficult to find jewellery that reflects my personality and style. After putting my career on hold to raise my children, I started making jewellery for myself and was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved doing it. With unwavering support from my family and friends, I became more confident over time and was encouraged to branch out. So essentially it all started as a self-taught hobby which developed into a full time endeavour that I am very passionate about.
3.What inspires you ?
I’m inspired by the eternal, quiet abundance of Nature and the free-flow of it’s energy all around us. I feel a connection to the natural world and I believe this enables me to draw inspiration from within rather than from tangible things or ideas around me.

4.Any advice you would give to aspiring designers?
Look within yourself and you will be amazed at the wealth of creative ideas you find. Don’t question what comes naturally to you…just respond to it and allow it to manifest in your own beautiful creations, as unique as you are.

5.Where can people find your work?  

6. Why Jewelry?
Jewellery is expression… a picture that holds a 1000 silent words. When you look at a well-crafted piece of jewellery you can feel the warmth and energy that went into making it. I like to infuse my creations with depth and spiritual substance, giving each creation a distinct focus and specific purpose. It is very rewarding to make a timeless, beautiful piece of jewellery that a client can identify with…..a piece that would make her feel radiant and confident.

7.Did you have a background in jewelry or are you completely self taught?
I’m self-taught. My background is in Information Technology…..a world removed from jewellery making.

8.What have been your favourite creations and why?
I don’t churn out jewellery as a pure commodity to trade with. Every piece of jewellery I make, in essence, reflects and aspect of myself, so it would be difficult to say what my favourites are. In terms of my personal style, I’m drawn to earthy textures, rich colours and warm metals.

9. What other projects are you working on this Fall/ Winter?
I’ve been requested to make my lampwork beads and handmade wire findings available to other jewellery artists. I have recently launched  wire findings on my website. 

10. How do you make bead choices?
I use my own lampwork beads in my designs, so I create the beads according to the vision I have for a particular peace. I also make beads as requested by my clients.

11. What lessons has your work life taught you?
It is important to maintain balance in life and to remain grounded….not easy to do in this fast-paced world we live in! Creativity is a doorway through which balance can be achieved and I’ve learned to keep this door open. It has also taught me to have faith in myself and to trust my instincts. But most of all, it has taught me that nothing is more rewarding than bringing joy to others.