Friday, March 19, 2010

All "wired" up... it is a passion!!!

Creating jewellery with wire gives you a hands on approach, complete control of your creative side and an instant open door to your natural inner self. 

My first wire creations were made for scrapbooking purposes. Decorative embellishments on gifts, and creations as gifts etc.. 

This first stage of playing with wire was, exciting, rewarding, usable, elegant, unique and FUN. Without realising it, as you create and play with one creation after the next you spontaneously develop a secret relationship with wire which grows and flourishes as you move onto your next wire project. When you tackle a larger project or move onto a thicker gauge of wire you suddenly realise you have come so far in understanding the true nature of how wire works. 

Learning through play

My next project or challenge so to speak was to create a wearable piece. I remained using the thinner gauge wire. 

The next challenge : moving onto a thicker gauge wire and introducing the chasing hammer. 
The transition was slight yet profound. The creative side works on overdrive and you suddenly find you don't have enough time in a day to create.

After this stage you could say : You are all "wired" up!!!

Look within yourself and you will be amazed at the wealth of creative ideas you find. Don’t question what comes naturally to you…just respond to it and allow it to manifest in your own beautiful creations, as unique as you are.

In the years that I have been working with wire, I still LOVE it and will always use it in my creations! The only difference between then and now is that I use my own glass beads incorporated with my love for wire to create.

Lorraine Dowdle
"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions" Albert Einstein.